Prepping for the Road

It's been a fast-paced and hectic couple of weeks, to say the least. 

Ben and I were already roommates when we first had a lighthearted conversation along the lines of, "What if we just picked up and traveled America this summer on a photo project?!"

Fast forward to many months later and we have a story that we're really excited to tell - that is, the story of folks who live the mobile life. We're calling them, 'Roadsteaders,' and they include truckers, van-camping surfers, nomadic hippies, campground hosts, RV-driving retirees, bands on tour, traveling artists, and anyone else living life on the road.

So we moved out of our beautiful house in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA...which was A LOT of work! Along with our other roommates, past and present (shout-outs to Cory, Michael, Brandon, Tyson, Shawn, Noah, Theron), we had accrued so much stuff! We packed everything up, rented a U-Haul, and picked out a pretty little 10x15 storage unit (shout out to Art at Public Storage in Lynwood, WA for all his help). We emptied our little home, leaving full of memories.

Ben and I have both been photographers for a few years now. In addition, I am a practicing Optometrist and Ben is a highly-trained barista, having managed a coffee shop for several years.  I'm thankful because this means that Ben will be expertly making Chemex brew as we make our winding way through America. 

This weekend we took our new home - a vintage 1968 Oasis travel trailer - out on Washington state's scenic Highway 2, which curves along the rivers and forests and rocky peaks of the Cascade mountains. 

We want to get used to handling our new home.

Feeling the heavy sway on the freeway, without panicking,  as other vehicles whizz past.

Going easy on the brakes. Learning the momentum. 

Rounding the bends. 

We had a brake controller for the trailer installed in Ben's truck.

It broke.

It broke the first time we tried to use it! We heard a loud pop! And then a burning smell. And then it just stopped working.

So we'll go back to the shop on Saturday and get it fixed.

Come Monday, we set out for new horizons. 

We'll be ready.


-Daniel Volland