Road Test Kitchen #1: Buffalo Meat Fajitas & Lemon Pepper Thyme Potatoes

We woke early in the morning light, high on the cliffs of the Los Padres National Forest, overlooking the wide sapphire and jade ocean. Our trailer, "the Oasis," somewhat wearied from the previous evening’s strenuous ascent up dusty gravel switchbacks, slumbered gently under arching branches.

Time for breakfast.

We unpacked our cooler and laid out ingredients that were purchased the day prior at Whole Foods. 

“What should we make for breakfast tomorrow?” I asked Ben as we made our way past the artisan goats' milk soap, 100% recycled plastic neck scarves, and pH balanced sparkling mineral water.

“Fajitas?” he suggested.

We sallied forth to the meat counter. We perused the usual chicken and beef options. But, then, sitting right next to the chunks labeled “Beef for Stew” were chunks labeled, “Buffalo.”


…instantly the word conjured visions of the American West, Cowboys and Indians, dust clouds and tumbleweed.

We knew deep down, instinctively, that these fajitas needed to be buffalo fajitas.

The guy behind the meat counter expressed his emphatic approval as he told us, “Yeah, that might be like a different flavor.” 

We also snagged potatoes to make some breakfast potatoes.



1/2 a bag of baby potatoes (the smaller the better)

Coconut Oil

Lemon Pepper seasoning


Fresh thyme

First chop your tiny potatoes into even tinier halves.

WTRH_TestKitchen_Fajitas_2 (4 of 8).jpg

Slap a pat of coconut oil into the pan and sizzle them taters on low heat! Add a pinch or two each of salt and lemon pepper. I prefer two pinches because YOLO. (Caveat: if you, like me, are using the Kirkland signature Himalayan pink sea salt grinder, I suggest four hearty twists.) 

Flip occasionally to avoid any burnt bottoms!

When the potatoes are soft (15 minutes? 20 minutes? I'm not really sure, but you can check this by poking the largest ones with a knife), add some fresh thyme leaves (not stems!). Let them sizzle *just* a minute more, then take them off the heat and put them into a bowl to cuddle and keep each other warm while you work on your fajitas.


BUFFALO MEAT FAJITAS (serves 2 and a half)

0.5 lb buffalo meat, cubed

1 Red bell pepper

1 Red onion

2 Avocados

Shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Handful of Arugula/Spinach mix

Coconut Oil


Taco Seasoning

Your favorite salsa (we used some hipster Pumpkin Seed salsa, which, in full disclosure, was a little on the runnier side for a fajita)


First, cut the stem out of your red bell pepper, because the last thing anyone wants is a stem in their buffalo fajita. That would just be awkward.


Slice the pepper into 1/4-inch strips.

Chop the onion, too. Weep not for the memories.

Sizzle the onion and pepper strips together with a big spoonful of coconut oil.

Add 2 pinches each of salt and taco seasoning (or, again, four twists! My math may be fuzzy here, but just, you know, make it work!)

When things start smelling really good, add the meat!

Keep a'shakin' and a'stirrin' until the meat is nice and brown. (Add a bit more coconut oil if necessary.) Then take the mix off heat and put in a bowl.

AND NOW THE BEST PART!! Build your fajita. Add cheese, sliced avocado, greens, salsa, and a squeeze of lime juice to taste. Scoop up some potatoes! Enjoy to your heart's content. 

And then promptly go back to bed because you are now in a fajita potato coma.