Kris Orlowski

“Plans, to leave and join the band, traverse through fabled lands, and make my mark…”

So begins one of Seattle musician Kris Orlowski’s most beloved tunes. Although Kris has created music for years and has quite a local fan following (which includes us!), it seems now as though these plans are coming to fruition.

A Roadsteader in his own right, Kris made the leap earlier this year of quitting his day job to play music full-time. When not recording new projects, many of his days now are spent traveling to play gigs all over the country while on tour. 

Above video is copyright of Kris Orlowski. Used by permission.

We caught up with Kris and his talented band in our hometown of Ballard, WA as they were recording a new record in the studio. We talked about his life on the road: playing music to strangers in new towns, being away from his girlfriend, renting vehicles, sleeping in motels. 

There appears to be a unique intersection of passion and work in Kris’s life on the road. Traveling to play shows is his livelihood as an artist and involves enormous sacrifice, time, and dedication. However, he lights up when talks about sharing his music on stage, the exchange that happens between him and his audience, and his friendship with the guys in his band.

You can find music by Kris on Rdio, Spotify, and iTunes. Recent exciting projects included his own arrangements of songs by Gershwin and a cover of "Halo" by Beyonce that was featured on the TV show Grey's Anatomy. 

Hear more about his life at home and on the road in the full audio interview below.